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Hotel Mount
Loolor FX600
Loolor FX600

Price on discount:1,000.00
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Guests about us
  • Warm and cozy, I don’t care about the snow, I will spend my day here. All the best!

    Jelena P.
  • Impression from 2 years ago has changed, for better of course! Food was excellent once again, no complaints at all. We would like to say that the room attendants are very kind and doing their job very well! Maksa is amazing. Best of luck in the upcoming years, see you again soon!

    Vasiljevic family
  • If you are looking for a nice, clean, homy place, this is it. Personnel is excellent.

    Zoran & Mira G.
  • We spent 10 magical days in your hotel. Best thing we could say to you is that we are coming back for sure!

    Marija & Adrijan S.
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